TLC Testimonials 

Client References- I am honored to be apart of their journey 🙏 ❤️ Tina 

TLC Barrel Horse Training 5 star reviews!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

❤Virtual Coaching, Lessons & Clinic References:


⭐️Kelly Causey 3D AL

Since I’ve started with Tina’s online coaching I’ve learned the drills my horses and I needed to do to work on our weak areas. Gained confidence and feel more of a teammate with each horse. Best of all, to me personally, she keeps God in the center of her life, she always reminds us to put the love of our horses and their welfare first, her coaching is fun and encouraging!! She has helped my relationship with God, my horses and my mental game!

⭐️Amy Tilman-Raimey 1D FL

I took Repo to a Tina's clinic this past weekend. I thought since I just got him, it would be a good place for us to start. We had such a great time learning each other. It was so fun! I would highly recommend Tina’s clinic to anyone who wants to learn, brush up on some skills, or spend quality time bonding with your horse. It was so uplifting and encouraging .

⭐️Theresa & Aubrey Catlett  1D FL

Thank you so much for a great video phone call lesson today at our ranch while you are at yours.  You are a great coach.

⭐️Kayla Perez 3D/4D FL - I just wanted to take a minute to really give you a huge THANK YOU post. You not only helped me improve my hands but have also helped me be able to help Lennox and get him where he needs to be in a run to set him up for success. We both, thank you. You are quick to review videos and get them sent back. This has been one heck of a journey but I’m happy to be where we are now thanks to your guidance and lots of wet saddle pads. We still have things to work on but we are almost there❤️. 

⭐️Amanda & Ethan Moody, a LIVE video chat cellphone lesson reference:

This is absolutely Great, Ethan took a lesson this am, we were live with Tina Spangler Tlc the whole time, she gives instruction then feed back. After the lesson lots of homework and sent us videos to watch to continue Dually's training util next lesson. Highly recommend this option.

⭐️Melora Potter 1D Kentucky 

We joined TLC Coaching Group back in April 2022. I had bought a new young horse and struggled with some small things with her. So nice to have a fresh set of eyes to see the fine tuning things and to point out things that are missed. Along with the tips, Tina also sends drills that will help execute the tips in the pattern. With the help i got with my horse, i added my daughters to the reviews. They are 13 and 16 and have grown up riding and running barrels. As you learn, hearing pointers and coaching in different words will turn on light bulbs and make things easier to understand. I love the slow motion analysis and the individual critiques. To be your best, you should never stop learning. My girls and I have really benefited from this program and are thankful for the tips and reviews we have received so far. Growing and learning is what being your best is all about. Thank you Tina Spangler.

⭐Barbara Calhoun FL1D

I highly recommend Tina Spangler Tlc! And if you have the opportunity to go to her clinic or take lessons, do it! It is well worth your time and money 😊. I have learned so much since I signed up a few months ago and her clinic was amazing!

I have only been working with Tina for about a month but it is absolutely amazing how much she has helped me and Memphis! The advice she gives is very specific and her drills relate to exactly what i need to work on. I enjoy the podcasts and youtube videos as well! She is very positive with her coaching and makes me feel like “I can do this!”

"I highly recommend Tina Spangler Tlc! And if you have the opportunity to go to her clinic or take lessons, do it! It is well worth your time and money 😊. I have learned so much since I signed up a few months ago and her clinic was amazing!"

I have another testimony about how much my riding has changed thanks to your instruction. My mare Zippy has been on the back burner for a while. This past year she has been ridden by a friends daughter (Lydia) that wanted to learn to barrel race. So besides schooling her here and there I didn’t ride her much this past year. Zippy was born here on my property and I've been her only rider until Lydia wanted to ride her. I was frustrated with Zippy because I couldn’t get her to run but Lydia was happy to be in the 4D. Lydia decided about a month ago that she would start riding her horses so now I'm back to riding Zippy. So I thought I'd use what I've learned riding Memphis and see if I could maybe get Zippy to run and maybe be at the top of the 3D 😊. I worked her on my favorite drills the D and figure 8 and made a bit change. The first show I didn’t push too much and we ran 1 1/2 seconds off. I thought Well thats a start! Saturday was our second run. In my mind I decided to ride her like I do Memphis. She is very setty and turny. Wow! We were at the bottom of the 2D with mistakes! I guess I didn’t set my goals high enough 😂. If I wasn't convinced before I sure am now about the how much you have helped me with my riding! Thank you so much and I hope you are having a great day! ⭐️" I wanted to share this with you. Recently two people commented that they really loved how Memphis has improved in his turns. Also I wasn’t even riding him but I was just thinking about his turns etc. and all of a sudden I realized he is not dropping at the second barrel like he used to. It truly felt like falling off a cliff when he would do that and that’s why I was having so much trouble riding 2 handed farther into the second. But I truly believe, thanks to all the drills that you had us do, that he learned and I learned and now at the second he is not crouching down getting ready for the turn so it’s been easier to accomplish straighter longer at the second. Although I’m not all the way there yet It’s getting better because of how he’s changed. But all of this is thanks to you and the drills that you gave us. Plus all your help and encouragement 😊"

⭐️Brianna Burton FL 1D- I have used TLC training program for multiple years on several horses throughout my riding career.   The drills, critiques and coaching from Tina continually improve my riding ability and confidences with each horse.   The video reviews provide insight to what is done correctly, what can be improved upon and what drills to do throughout the week. Tina always provides positive and useful feedback.

I have enjoyed going to Tina’s clinics. I have been to a couple along with private lessons. Tina gives positive feed back on what you have done good/right but also gives constructive criticisms on things that need to be worked on. She is such a patient teacher with all her students. She lives by her motto Ride with Heart! I am thankful for all they help she has given me over the years with my different geldings.

⭐️Laura Pettry FL2D- all i can say is!!! I am so happy right now. i just want to stay right here! i know i still have work to do! And that is okay! We ran our person best time in this pen 15.5 . I recently joined Tina Spangler Tlc group! It has been two weeks of online coaching! i couldn’t of asked for better results! The way she breaks down your runs opened up a whole new level for me. somehow, she makes things click for me! i couldn’t have made better decision for myself not to mention this horse right here! #famouspinkpal❤️ I am in love ❤️ landing 2D 11th and 2D 4th out of 100 plus

⭐️Pamela Rhoades Burelson FL 3D

I was finally able to attend one of Tina’s clinics and I’m here to tell you she is by far the best teacher out there. She is so very informative and fun to learn from. She definitely made me feel better about working harder to accomplish my goals. What an amazing experience. If you haven’t been to her clinic yet please make it happen. Also she has the most amazing online help in her group’s. And it crazy affordable ❤️🐴 Ride With Heart❤️

⭐️ Delena McTeer FL4D

I want to give a huge shout out to Tina Spangler Tlc of TLC barrel coaching group, before I met Tina, I was having some crazy struggles, I was somewhere in the 8D usually on the last page of most events and wanting to quit. A friend recommended Tina. I reached out and starting my journey with her. Now I am solid 4D and hitting the 3D, Tina has inspired me believe and persevere, champions are not built in a day or in a week, they are built overtime and with lots of perseverance. Tina has taken the time to meet me and my horse, and to understand my horse and my goals.  Tina's amazing program success is coming with small accomplishments. Tina is positive and she can see many details that we as riders may miss (she misses nothing on our videos) , and that may make a huge difference in your competitive game. Tina offers clinics, personal in person lessons, pod cast, training videos, video critiques, Q&A, and is available if you have specific questions, her knowledge of the barrel racing sport is amazing. I would recommend anyone looking to improve your game or to get an edge to investigate joining her teaching group, it will make a difference in your program. I love her positive energy, specific training program to individual needs of both the horse and rider. The group has no judgement or negativity, which today is amazing, everyone is here to learn and support each other and be the best you can be. Thanks Tina! 😊

⭐️Kelly Jones, FL4D, If your on the fence about online coaching, you shouldn't be with Tina Spangler TLC.  I took one of her clinics in Umatilla, FL this January and OMG! This was the BEST experience!!!!  She has so much knowledge, compassion, patience and love for this sport.  

After her clinic, I signed up for her online coaching. She slows your video down and explains how to improve on each barrel. Since January, Wildfire and I have shaved off 2+ seconds.  Tina speaks from the heart and empowers you with confidence.   

I am forever grateful to her. So if you're looking to step up your game, and improve your confidence, please message Tina. You won't regret it!!!!  Thank you so dang much. When I didn't believe in myself anymore, I reached out to Tina and attended one of her clinics in January this year. All I can say is, I wouldn't be where I am today without her and her knowledge. Wildfire and I where running 20's on an average pattern and 25 on the big pattern and 19 on the small pattern. Now we are running 19's on the big, high 16's on the standard and high 15's on the small. So, in Barrel racer land, that's huge! I can't thank you enough Tina for building our confidence and for giving us the tools to succeed.

⭐️Sherri Zintel FL2D-  I started seeing Tina back in sept of 2018 with a wild red horse named Tucker I could barely get to walk. I instantly loved her training style, wisdom, kind heart and positive attitude which allowed me to not give up on this crazy red horse! She taught me the importance of basics, diet , drills and confidence. Life got very busy but fast forward to January 2023 and I’m happily back with Tina as my trainer! After I had my son and a bad fall on Tucker, I had terrible confidence in myself and my horse. I remembered my training with Tina and knew instantly I needed Tina’s expertise in my life again! With her positive encouragement and her homework, we are more confident than ever! Tina is more than a trainer, she’s a life coach, a friend and a confidant! Words can’t describe how grateful we are for Tina! ♥️🌟

⭐️Lainie Menard, 4D GA -I never post my runs on Facebook because Z and I had to start from scratch. In the last couple months we have made HUGE strides. I am becoming a better rider everyday and he just keeps his heart of gold and forgives every mistake I make. Today we placed for the first time and brought home a check. I am so incredibly proud of the team we are becoming. I love my ZMan!  Huge thank you to Tina Spangler Tlc! I couldn’t do it without your guidance!

⭐️Tasha & Amelia Barton, 1D FL

Youth world 2022 is over and we couldn't be prouder of this team. Amelia has worked so hard to ride Soona. They finished 12th in 1d in the finals. Thanks to Tina Spangler Tlc who can watch a video and explain things like no one I have ever seen. Best money I have ever spent is for Tina to guide Amelia on this venture with virtual coaching, private lessons and all day clinics.

⭐️Sonya & Mikaylah Jones

When we first started taking China to Tina Spangler Tlc my daughter was riding in a tie down. Her mare was so strong and hard she would blow by barrels without blinking. We were about ready to tie her nose to her tail it seemed 🤣🤪but...that has all changed so much thanks to Tina. We really enjoy her virtual coaching program & lessons!!! It is beyond words to have someone that believes in foundation, basics, and investing in the work and not just quick fixes or harsh methods. She truly has the best interest of riders & horses at heart ❤️

⭐️Janessa Pinto, FL 

"Today I was very fortunate to get to go to the Tlc clinic and when I say it’s every bit worth of your money I mean that, I’ve gone to trainers I’ve tried different things and have never felt as welcomed as we did today, not only allowing us to pick everything up but, the drills, the runs the thorough explanation how she really takes the time to watch your videos explain everything to you it’s just amazing, let alone today I realized my riding errors realized how to get better picked up these awesome drills to make my horse work better and at the end of the day we’ve had a nicer run than we’ve had in the last two months she really takes her time with the detail and it makes all the difference, I could not have been happier with today and a huge thanks to ms tina after today I am definitely more confident going into youth world, she definitely showed me my way out of my rough patch ! I will most definitely be going back for tune up’s if you guys are looking for an amazing clinic held by an amazing trainer THIS IS THE ONE !"

⭐️Ashley Stokes Generazio - FL

I showed up for my first lesson with Tina and let’s just say I was blown away at her knowledge of horsemanship, training, and willingness to coach me and meet me where I am in my level of riding. Never have I ever received a book from an instructor full of helpful information, drills to work on with my horse and inspiring messages! 

I had the most positive experience! After my lesson she sent me helpful demonstration videos, even videos of me riding that she took during instruction that same day! I have had many riding instructors over the years and sometimes the communication becomes unclear only to leave the lesson wondering what you gained out of it. That wasn’t the case with Tina. I feel that she has thought through and prepared how to coach every type of horse and rider because we all learn differently. Hands down, Tina Spangler is an amazing person, horsewoman, and coach! She does not disappoint! 🙏🏼🌻

⭐️Amanda Flynn, Keystone Heights 

My horses know the barrel pattern, but they are always inconsistent. A lot of that has to do with me. Tina has helped me slow things down and work on me as a rider. The drills she taught me have helped all my horses respond better. My horses and I are finally getting on the same page and ready to grow in the right direction!!! Thank you so much, Tina!!!!

⭐Nancy Sanders Jones GA 1D/2D

"I am so happy that I signed up for TLC. Everything from the videos down to the book are easy for anyone to follow and learn from. I was looking for an instructor that made hands and leg usage a priority. At this point in my game, I will lose by hundredths of a second. Technic is what I need and with this program I found it. From the beginner to 1D at big races, you will find something to help you."

⭐Amy Tillman-Ramie FL1D 

"I started using Tina for training on our black gelding over 10 years ago. We visted her place several times while he was with her and he was so very well cared for. Since then, on and off I have picked her brain on training tips, problem solving, and over all opinion on my horses. 

From training colts, to open finished horses. I love that she helps with an eye to sincerely make you and the horse a team. Her goal is to make you better. As a person that has plenty of experience in barrel racing, I think her perspective is dead on, encouraging, and extremely helpful when problem solving. You are NEVER to old to learn and her very basic fudementals and foundation way of teaching is 100% correct!! 

Since being a part of her online training group I have told a few others to just TRY it!! You can not find somone else that will study your run, slow it down, really analyze it and then set out to help you change a few things, polish up some others, to get the very best results you can get for you and your horse.  

To me, I think, my gosh, why would anyone NOT want to give it a try? The people Ive recommended to try her program are loving it. I knew they would!"

⭐Martyne Holfe FL

"This is the run I have been waiting for for a long time. Thank you Pistol for making Barrel Racing fun again 💜 I could not have done it without the support, encouragement, and coaching by Tina Spangler.  I was ready to throw in the towel. And she helped me piece things back together . If you are looking to improve your riding, mental game, or just your bond with your horse, Tina is a must." 

⭐Kaitlyn Olson FL1D- 

"Mrs. Tina is an absolute horse training and barrel racing gem. I really appreciate her dedication to the importance of a solid foundation. Her program is easy to follow, informative, and very effective. She has helped me refocus on myself as a rider and forming a team with my horse. I consider myself an experienced horse woman and I still learn from Mrs. Tina every time we speak or clinic I attend. I will be a lifetime client! Thank you so much and glad to be part of team TLC! ❤️"

⭐Rita Harrison 2D Oklahoma 

"It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend TLC Barrel Racing Coaching Group, Tina Spangler,

For she has helped me and my horses Dollar, Tiger, Quanah and Kiss to become better in our horsemanship skills and barrel racing.

Her knowledge and expertise of barrel racing and horsemanship is amazing right down to the tiniest detail.

She is quick to respond to your questions and videos of your runs.

Tina is skillful, honest and dependable and incredibly knowledgeable and see’s all the little things in my runs, that I didn’t see or know I was doing. She points out what I did and how to correct it for a better way.

Tina’s knowledge and expertise has given me hope and helped my riding skills with all my 4 horses.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn about horsemanship and barrel racing to join this amazing group.

Saying thank you seems like not enough for all the help and encouragement she has given me.

P.S.  In this group, you can see other members runs and learn from them too ❤️"

⭐Brandie Falzone Harrell FL1D -  I was at my wits end & just about to give up.  I felt I could not ride Arthur and I reached out to Tina & now we are 1D consistent clean, I am so thankful for her drills and competition tips. 

Great memories!

⭐ Connie Norvell- 2D Oklahoma 

Reference. I just wanted to say how much Tina has helped with my runs and does it in such a positive way. Now I know what went wrong at each barrel and how to correct it and what drills at home to work on. Tina has such a good eye and catches everything to help make better runs and gives me so much more confidence. Thanks for helping so many barrel racers making our runs better. It’s a lot of fun after a run to send them to you and watch back in slow motion and you showing where we can improve our run thanks for all the help 😊

⭐Kat McCaslin 2014

I had my first barrel lesson with Tina a few weeks ago and it was awesome.  She is very kind and friendly. I love her training method. She comes up with separate training plans for you and your horse. I cant wait for our next lesson.  I would recommend her to anyone be it your just starting out or you have been racing for years.

Clinics, Lessons, Training 

 ⭐Mary Beth Fox 2016

I'm very happy to have met Tina.  As a trainer she is honest and encouraging.  She gives you quality feedback and breaks everything down.  I can't wait to work with her again.  Our improvement was immediate.  It was a great weekend experience!  Thanks TLC!

⭐My honor to be trusted with such wonderful horses.

 Deanna Taylor (15years old) 2017

Thank you Tina for the spectacular help! Harebug was shipped from Texas sight unseen she kept popping off the first barrel, she was hot in the arena and the allyway and her diet was making her hard to handle. Tina had me slow her back down and take it easy through the pattern, helped me figure out the best diet for her personality and now she is calm through the alleyway and walks in the arena.  Without Tina I don't think we would have ever figured out how to get her to turn the first barrel and now almost a year from the day we had her shipped to us she ran in the 1D at NBHA jackpot and she just turned five!!!  Thank you so much Tina Spangler Tlc couldn't have done it without you!❤ --Deanna Taylor

Update*2018 since this reference I am happy to say Deanna and Harebug have had an amazing year, winning 1d 1st at NBHA6 district show, winning NBHA Florida State 2D open champion title, placing in the 1D at nbha triple crown, placing in 2d at nbha youth world 13th fast time of over 900 riders, winning over $5k, a saddle and buckles!   So proud of Deanna she has worked hard to become a winning team with Harebug.

Since 2001 in Florida, established 1992 Colorado

❤JoAnn Ives 2014.  Proud of how hard my daughter Ashley has worked with her newest horse Cowgirl. Ashley paid for Cowgirl herself! She is a 9 yr old mare that got pulled out of the pasture in November 2013. She had extensive cutting training early on but was turned out for about 4 yrs after that. Tina Spangler spent about 60 days on basics and putting the pattern on her which really helped Ashley go on with her. She continues to work on tightening everything up and working with Tina's guidance. She is really doing great and I see a bright future ahead for this team! Congratulations Ashley on all your hard work....your Mom is very proud of you!

Ashley and I have been riding with Tina Spangler for a couple of years and we have come a long way (some of you know us from when we started!). Tina has a lot of patience working with us and our four barrel horses. Ashley is 14 now and started out being a pretty green rider, she really has become a much more experienced rider with a great seat and has learned how to use the skills she has learned to season her horses and keep them going through the week to prepare for her next race. Her newest horse Cowgirl was patterned by Tina and with her ongoing help has been running in the 2D after only 6 months of running. I started running barrels at a later age (trying to find a nice way to say - yeah I am old!) so if your older she can help to build your confidence in yourself and your horse to get you to the next level. We have learned so much and we just wanted to say thank you! So if you are looking to fix a problem, hone your skills or just tighten up your run Tina has a great eye and can help you become the best team that you can be with your horse!

❤️By Amy Tillman Ramie, 2/2014:  All Day Clinic Reference:  I wanted to just say that after attending Tina's clinic I was most impressed by the way she rode everyone's horses. At the end of the day I watched her get on 13 DIFFERENT horses and lope a beautiful flawless pattern on not one, but everyone of them. Even after watching all day, horses with different things needing to be worked out on the pattern, she made them all look problem-less. It was the most impressive thing ever ( even the novice horses )and I know it takes a special skill to be able to do this. What a joy it was to watch.

❤️ Linda Wade 2017

"Listen up!  If you are looking for a professional to help tune-up or start your horses to ride - season or run the barrel pattern you really should contact Tina SpanglerTlc !!  Tina is very professional, she does what she says she will do. I felt very comfortable leaving my pride and joy filly with her to season and start the barrel pattern on and Tina did a great job working with her.  If you are busy during this holiday season don't hesitate to have Tina work with your horse to keep it tuned or start it's training career.  My filly is doing great!!  Proud of her.  Thanks Tina!!"



*Shari Winston 2019

Tinas has helped me train several of my horses, with clinics, training and lessons the last several years. Most recently my futurity horse, Pistol.  I love how you pattern them, you make it easy for anyone to ride behind you.  She feels ready to win. 

*Sheree Still 2017


1) We're long time friends, but she still signs a contract with details and expectations Everytime I take my horse for training.

2) She takes better care of him than I do

3) He comes home looking better than when I dropped him off.

4) He's fit and looks awesome!

5) She sends me daily progress reports by text with photos or videos.

6) I know he's ridden (quality time) everyday.

7) She knows what I want and expect of my horse and works on those qualities.

 Bottom line, if you want your money's worth in horse training or lessons.... From beginner to pro ... I highly recommend Tina.

Virtual coaching, clinics, lessons & training🐴

❤️Morgan Eliza Sellars 2013  

I just want to give a HUGE thank you to Mrs.Tina. I wouldn't be the rider I am today without her hard work and dedication! I got Pearl almost a year ago in Februrary! When I first got her all we were doing were CREAMING all three barrels. I went to Mrs.Tina for help like I have been since I was about twelve years old and she helped us so much! She knew just the right exercises and tricks to help Pearl and I come together. I am now on the college rodeo circuit in Alabama fixin to start my second semester of rodeo. Pearl and I have made it back to two short go's and were about 3 holes out of makin it back at our home rodeo here in Troy. We are now sitting 8th in Ozark Region! I don't know what I would do without her! ♥ 

❤️Martyne Folk 2013

 For any of you who don't know Lil Joe, here is his story!!! I bought him in feb of last year and he was green broke at best and seen a barrel a few times a handful of times. well i have learned so much and come so far....but ONLY with the help and training of tina spangler a great trainer well rounded in all areas of horsemanship. i went for a lesson on barrels to find out joe had holes in his basics. couldnt take his right lead, was buddy sour and started to not load in trailer. not to mention had no bend and flex! i am so pleased to say that at the current date he loads, stands at trailer, no longer spooks at puddles and has a solid foundation and clocked 2d time last weekend!! if you have a horse with any of these issues, i dont know a better person to help you and your horse than tina!!! xoxo



❤️Sabrina Salt  2015 Luna

I finally attended my first clinic with Tina and i honestly don't know why i waited so long. In that one day i gained more confidence, faster times, learned some basics that were really effective in my run, and helped me with a few setbacks my horse and I were having. She was very patient with each rider and explained things very well to make sure we understood. She sent us home with lots of homework and a video of our runs with tips on how to improve. I will definitely be attending her upcoming clinics. She was awesome!

❤2016 Ammo & Sabrina 

Thank you Tina Spangler Tlc for all you have done with my 3 year old. 2.5 months ago I couldnt get him to walk in a straight line let alone lope circles. They came out more like diamond figures hahah He now has the pattern on him, does all tlc drills well, and acts like a pro in the arena. I took him to exhibition at ocala rodeo grounds and he had a been there done that attitude and was calmer than a lot of the horses there!! Cant thank you enough!! Me and him get along so well now because of you. I really thought he wasnt the horse for me when i first got him but now I know better haha Thanks again! ❤️

❤2017 Prosper and Annie & Sabrina 

Thank you sooo much for everything you have done for me. I have learned soo much in these past few years with you and so grateful for it!  From my very first clinic with you, to weekly lessons starting ammo, reaching my goals with Luna, sad times selling ammo and luna but it only made me a better rider having a challenging horse when I wasnt as ready as I thought for the step up haha, Flying off at pacwest, loosing all confidence, crying at lessons, but wouldnt trade it for the world! haha Annie and I have come such a long way and all thanks to you!!! Always took such great care of all my babies never once was worried when dropping them off, always sending constant updates and you even take way better care of them than I do!!!  

July 2017 was my 2 year old, prosper’s first time loping under saddle!  He did awesome and didn't even try to buck us off lol!  He is now loping the barrels with great basics at 3 years old, after 1 year in training with you.  2018 Prosper, You know you picked the right trainer/mentor, when your trainer loves your horse just as much as you do.  Tina is one of a kind! So hard working, dedicated, caring and treats all the horses at her place regardless if its just for a month or a year as her own! Never have to worry about his health, well being, happiness I know he is perfect with Tina Spangler Tlc

❤️2018 Jeanne Hill

About a year ago I took the plunge and bought a new horse. It was a huge decision and, as is true in many new relationships it started out great, but then things started to change. It began with alley problems. I took Guy'D to Tina Spangler for 30 days of training, thinking he just needed a tune up and was testing me. Fortunately, she saw the bigger picture. She didn't just address the alley behavior. She evaluated the whole horse, as well as us as a team. She identified the clues he was trying to give. What was veiled as a behavior issue had actually begun as a problem with his feet. This created a domino effect with layers of correction to address. Other trainers would have just focused on the alley behavior, and this horse would have complied and tried to tolerate his pain. Not Tina. Tina's insight and expertise got him on the road to healing with his feet,but it didn't stop there. She implemented diet changes (including Dynamite!) chiropractic work to treat the whole body, and saddle changes.. She didn't look for the quick or easy fix. She took the  time to diagnose and create a plan of action that would allow him to be pain free and move toward his potential. She aligned him with expert treatment from Spencer Conrad, Jeffra Sinclair, and Sheree Still. This horse has come such a long way. I can't thank Tina enough for all she has done. She continues to be an integral part of my progress with Guy'D. There is no one else I would trust with my horses. Her training skills are exceptional, her integrity is above reproach, and in all things equestrian she will "Ride with Heart!"

❤️Leigh Lopez & Lusso

TLC Barrels Rocks!

Tina is an amazing coach and mentor. The educational resources and feed back that goes into her coaching is incredible. These past few months I’ve learned so much about myself and my horse. If you’re looking for a caring and inspirational mentor or coach for barrel racing, TLC Barrels (Tina) is the place to be. Not only does she care about your training and conditioning, she also cares about your horses health. She has so many resources of her own to share with you. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her and this group. I would recommend Tina to anyone looking to improve or just starting out. Better join now before you end up on a waiting list.  

❤️Traci Casey

With the help of Tina Spangler Tlc, and this program and the use of "the Coaches Eye", she helps to take the video of your practice or your runs, and she will slow them down and go step by step on how to make corrections, how to become a stronger and better team with your horse, and encourages you to keep pushing to make your last ride better than the one before!! I can say enough how this has helped me with my three "team mates"! She also goes over a lot more than that in this group! From slow work, drills, basics, name it, it’s all here! Message her to find out how you can reap the amazing benefits of this!!

❤️Angela Sauls

I just want to say that I love being a member in your subscription and it is helping me so much. I love the slow plays you do after my runs in competition so I can see what I did wrong, or to work on and get a faster time. It really has helped tremendously. Then I like how I can ask questions and get answers and lots of new information on your live feeds that you do on Thursday’s. You always explain the answers where I can understand and learn. Thank you. The last but not least I love how you give us challenges. All kinds from ground handling to drills we can use to compete to spending time with your horse keeping myself and my horse happy and stress free. If you are not a member yet I highly recommend becoming one . Thank you miss Tina I am very happy and keep getting better and better . 

❤️Brianne Downs

If anyone is looking for a barrel trainer from beginner to advanced I highly recommend Tina Spangler! She is the reason why i am where I’m at now. I started on a pony and then got my first young horse who I did lessons on with Tina. I won 2 saddles, many belt buckles, and checks on him and could not have done it without Tina’s guidance. He turned into a horse that could run a pattern and then put a young child on immediately after! I trained under her wing for years and then became a clinic assistant with her! Her clinics are very well put together and detail oriented. She works with each rider and horse individually and helps to establish an excellent foundation to build on. She is very knowledgeable for any level of rider/horse to learn from, she teaches barrels the RIGHT way! There are no holes in her training!

❤️Rachel Chun 

I have known Tina for over 15 years. I started taking lessons with her when I was in middle school. Tina worked patiently with me to develop my barrel racing and horsemanship skills. I boarded both my horses with Tina and continued to work with her. Each horse had unique riding styles and needs. Due to her thorough coaching I became a confident rider and learned to bring out the best in my horses. I have taken private and group lessons with Tina, as well as, taken and assisted in her clinics. Her ability to communicate is truly admirable. She uses positive reinforcement and always ends her sessions on a high note. Tina listens to you and will work with you to develop a custom plan that fits you and your horses needs. Once you become part of the TLC team, Tina will always be there for you. She loves keeping up with her clients and celebrating their wins. Tina will help you shave time off the clock with sustainable training techniques you can take home. She is professional, caring and will always put you and your horse first. I highly recommend Tina to anyone yearning to develop their skills to produce long lasting results to achieve their goals! 

❤️ Lauren Terrell & Ace/Yona

I highly recommend attending one of Tina’s riding workshops. She provides multiple drills to see what level of broke your horse is at and what you two can improve on as a team. She goes over everything from gear (adjustments if needed), techniques,  calmness of you and your horse, and most importantly riding more with your body and less with hands. This workshop will show the rider if they have holes in their training and teach them what is needed to become a great team. I enjoyed that everyone was riding at their own pace/skill and how encouraging it was. I have attended workshops on all of my horses and I  have learned something new each time. My horses have become more willing and I’m enjoying the newness of riding with more feel. Sign up for one. You will not be disappointed. Each and every time I attend a TLC clinic, I learn something new. I have been to 4+ clinics since training my first horse and used her training methods over the years on multiple horses but every time I go to a clinic or workshop it is like my first one all over again. Tina has such a refreshing way of training and teaching and the fact that I bring different horses sometimes they master one drill and need help on others and it is great to have someone on the ground watching what you are being taught to catch you right when something needs to be fixed or changed. Tina has helped me with many horses and the workshops/lessons/clinics all are a great addition to anyone’s training program or lifestyle! Thank you Tina for everything! I know I wouldn't be the rider I am today and currently without your advice, help and training knowledge!

Tina Spangler TLC Barrels