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❤️JOIN TLC Online Coaching Group for beginner barrel racers to 1D professionals. Currently in 26 states and international too. 

❤️TLC Barrels 30+ year program has helped thousands reach goals and dreams.  TLC offers a online coaching group with slow motion video reviews of your runs, private & group lessons, and all day horsemanship, barrel racing and polebending clinics. 


TLC is positive, encouraging, goal oriented, with focus on horsemanship, improving your performance & mental game.  Get 1 on 1 coaching & support.  It includes 1 Coach Now slow motion video critque a week(or 2 side by side) by Tina Spangler of competition or training.  Includes goal setting, homework, weekly drills given to improve your horsemanship & performance for only $20 monthly or $200 yearly.🛢💪🤠🐴❤️Scroll to bottom to click, Join Button or go to menu & contact page, to send me a message.

Extra videos $5 each for current members.

Welcome to TLC Barrels


Tina Spangler- Online Coaching, Private & Group Lessons & All Day Clinics

Join Team TLC to improve your Horsemanship & get to the next level in competition.

My Virtual Coaching Group offers you your own Coach Now space where I do slow motion video breakdowns for you, 1 per week.  I teach everything from ground work, connection to your horse, mental game, dry work, drills, problem solving, how to shave tenths off your run, from basics to competition.

I teach you my training program I developed over 30+ years.  I guarantee you will be successful when you follow it and you will have a horse with ❤️ too!

Established 1992 Colorado 

Groveland, Florida since 2001

Moved to Keystone Heights FL, 2019

Offering Private & Group Lessons, Virtual Coaching & Clinics






♥Online Coaching♥

Private Facebook Group & Members Only website for Subscribers!

🤠300+ satisfied members in 3 years, 100 plus active members in 27 states & 3 international too.  Started in August 2020.  Many members have been in the group 3 years, which means there is VALUE to them and that is my goal.  I love helping each rider and horse chase goals & dreams.  I love the journey with them.  This group you go at your own pace.  One popular part of my group is the slow motion video critiques of your competition and training videos I provide.

🛢No Facebook No Problem, I can offer 1 on 1 virtual coaching via email and/ or direct to the Coach Now app.  Message me for more information.  If you want your videos reviewed private not in the group no problem.



Website members only page to has all my training videos organized by topic. New ones added often.  Over 300 videos now!

✅1 per week slow motion video critique of your competition & training by Tina Spangler

✅ Q&A with a Topic, 1x per week Podcast, recorded to listen at your convenience

✅Everyone learns from each other, with my video critiques of competition & training, share in group or keep private your choice 

✅Monthly Challenges given for skill and mindset,  if you want to take part

✅Video & Written tips weekly

✅Beginners to 1D Pro Level, something for everyone, set up to go at your own pace

✅Cover everything from ground work, how to pattern for barrels & polebending, how to add speed, dry work, drills, tune ups, mental game, shave time off your runs and fix or avoid problems

♥🐴ALL of above for only $20 a month or $200 per year, save $40. ⭐️(value is easily $100 a month)

✅Easy to join, leave & come back as needed

⭐FREE 7 BONUSES just for signing up⭐

When you join will receive 7 Bonuses FREE via PDF email:

⭐BONUS #1- TLC Training ebook 

⭐BONUS #2- Tina's Training Tips A to Z 

⭐BONUS #3-  TLC 12 week program for foundation part 1

⭐BONUS #4-  TLC 12 month program for competition part 2

⭐️BONUS #5 Barrel Racing Log & Performance Tracker 

 ⭐️BONUS#6 Horsemanship Challenge


Let me help you improve your horsemanship & competition! Have your coach & cheerleader all in one place and you don't even have to leave your ranch or arena.♥🐴

JOIN TODAY your horse will thank you!  

Let's meet some goals and chase some dreams♥♥♥

Go Team TLC! ♥♥♥

Private & Group Lessons in Keystone Heights FL & All Day Home & Away Clinics available too!

TINA SPANGLER has won 1D money, titles & awards on several personally trained horses in jackpots & super shows with up to 250 entries, futurity, derby & rodeo wins too.

Since 1992 Colorado & 2001 Florida.  Thousands helped with virtual coaching, training, lessons and clinics.

Check out my references.  Go to menu & references/testimonials ❤

About Me:

 I have barrel raced since I was 8 years old.  Some of the titles I have won since 1992 professionally training and competing are:

*1994 Top 5 Novice Horse Program Colorado

*1995 NBHA Colorado Dist 2D Champion & Top 10 1D time ran NBHA State Finals Colorado 

*1997 NBHA Colo. Dist 2D Champion & C&L Buckles Series 2D Champion

*1998 NBHA District Champion & 1D Top 5 year end Colorado NBHA District 

*1999 NBHA Colorado District Top 5 1D & 2D Year End Titles

*1995- 2000 NBHA World Qualifier 1D & 2D

*2003-2016 - 1D wins & placing up to 250 entries Florida

*2007 Novice Horse 1D Res. Champion Tour of Champions, Florida

*2009 Tour of Champions Furturity 1D Res Champ & Derby 1D Res Champion

*2010 Tour of Champions 1D Derby Res. Champ & 2D Open Res. Champion

*2014 NBHA Dist. 6 Top 5 2D year end title Florida

*2011-2019 NBHA World Qualifier 2D Florida

*2018 NBHA FL6 Senior 1D year end Champion

*2019 NBHA FL6 Open 3D year end Champion 

*2019 NBHA FL6 Senior 1D Reserve Champion

*2020 pivot to 100% coaching & clinics now

*Winning & placing at Rodeo, Super Shows, Futurity, Derby & Jackpots

*Thousands of teams helped with virtual coaching, training, lessons & clinics over the years since 1992

TLC Training Notebook

TLC Training Notebook

TLC Training Notebook on Amazon!

TLC Barrels Training Notebook Paperback

TLC Barrel Racing Training Notebook: By Tina Spangler

12 Chapters covering everything from picking a prospect, training for a solid foundation, how to Pattern your horse, fixing barrel problems with TLC solutions, and improving performance with TLC Drills!  Just Search Box at Amazon, Tina Spangler-Barrel Racing.  $10 special price for Team TLC.

🤩NEW Performance Tracker & Barrel Racing Log to help you get organized, focused and goal oriented!  Only $10 on Amazon 

👇Link below 👇

Log up to 10 horse health records and 1 year of  barrel races for up to 3 horses per event to track your progress.

There are also pages on, mental game, 1 minute positive sprint, vision board, gratitude page, pre-run routine, horse trailer checklist and 1 year goal with a daily or weekly schedule.  

TLC Performance Tracker & Barrel Racing Log

TLC Performance Tracker & Barrel Racing Log

Available on Amazon 

TLC Training Notebook & Performance Tracker can be purchased on Amazon 

Barrel Racing Log & Performance Tracker

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Services Available 

TLC offers:

❤️Facebook Virtual Coaching Group or virtual call video lessons live

🐴Private Lessons $50 for 1st lesson

or $40 each 1 hour in Keystone Heights 

🤠Basics & Barrels Group Lessons/$50 each, 2 to 4 riders max, 2 to 3 hours

🛢Away, 1 and 2 day Horsemanship and Barrel Racing Clinics $180 - $200 per day depending on arena expenses, 8 riders max for more 1 on 1 time. 

Tina Spangler TLC Barrels